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Featured on EINA Màster en Disseny Gràfic Blog: Proyectos Web
Clownia is a music festival that intends to contribute to social change through art and culture that takes place in Catalonia, Spain, annually since 2010. The objectives of the redesign are to create a more engaging and user-friendly site that will drive ticket sales, giving the website a fresh and updated new look while maintaining the spirit and values of the Clownia experience. Final project for the class Proyectos Web as part of the Master in Graphic Design at EINA.
After detailed analysis of the existing festival website and its competitors, including benchmarking, a content audit and user journeymaps, my goals for the new site were the following: to optimize the web for ticket purchase, to highlight the diversity and values of the festival, and to put the photos and videos from previous editions at the center of the new image of the festival.

Current festival homepage

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